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Apr 4, 2013
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Welcome to Sussex Plants

…A company with over 100 years of growing experience is the root to producing healthy, quality plants, we take pride in our personal approach to horticulture. With the progress made in the last 10 years we are a stable, and valued supplier within the market.

Our aim is simple; to supply our customers with high quality, well priced plants, delivered faultlessly.

The Nurseries

Located in East Sussex near the South coast in the village of Hellingly lies our main nursery site (Park Road) operating from approx 6ha of polythene, glass and most importantly outside beds we are able to ensure every crop in our range is grown to perfection whilst tough enough for the british climate.

Our comprehensive range of Conifers, Clematis, Climbers, Shrubs and Grasses are traditional Sussex Plants lines but we also grow many other noteworthy plants helping to establish us as a growing force. Each year many new, rare or 'different' varieties are evaluated and are only added to the range if warranted - giving us an awesome A-Z product line.

Clematis and Climbers are produced on a specialist area within our main nursery. Attention is paid to growing strong plants batched according to season to ensure year round sales appeal. Many Clematis and Climbers are offered in flower during the season to promote impulse sales.

Our friendly local team of staff have the passion and knowledge to make sure our plants that we produce are grown to the highest standards to meet the requirements of all our customers

We welcome you to visit us at Park Road to see how we are developing and growing to create those plants you need!

So, if you are needing a new source of plants click here and contact us now

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